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A fun, comfortable, high energy atmosphere that gives the adult complete comfort to push themselves in a nurturing environment. A great way to forget the stress of the work day. We offer different sessions throughout the year. Check back periodically for updates to our schedule and opportunities.

Aerial Silks

You will be practicing your fitness in the air, defying gravity, moving freely, releasing fear, and floating in the air. Stretch to new lengths and climb to new heights, this class will focus on basic climbing techniques, knots, and other skills on aerial fabric to build strength, flexibility, balance and confidence. Develop your comfort off the ground, both right-side-up and upside-down.


Smitty’s PAC provides quality ballet training though motivation, education and high expectations. We have a well-rounded ballet program which is a fusion of all styles of ballet, to challenge and properly prepare the dancer for the professional world. Ballet enhances physical control, style, fitness, body awareness, performance, technique and overall personal enjoyment for the art form.


Combines the grace of ballet/modern with creative jazz technique. These classes will emphasize on expressing lyrics of music through movement. Students will focus on the technical elements of extension, balance, stretch, lengthening and control, while establishing a sense of emotion and artistic impression.


This high-energy dance style can be seen on Broadway, television, and in popular concert performances. Stylized, placed, fluid movement which will challenge the dancer to strengthen and develop clear and precise body lines. Classes emphasize the development of flexibility and strength, and the mastery of turns, jumps, kicks and isolations.


Providing precise, rhythmical and syncopated rhythms in order, to challenge the dancer with style, focus and timing. Teaching all styles of tap to broaden the dancer’s knowledge. Fast feet and a quick mind are highly recommended.

Hip Hop

Teaching the latest, most innovative, and hottest urban, B-boy, breaking, street dance techniques. Elements include proper conditioning, stretch and strengthening techniques, steps and combinations. Students will learn cool dance steps from their favorite music, and have fun in a high-energy environment.

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